The Turkish and Mexican Caribbean Business Alliance: Sky Stars Trade

On May 1, 2023, the Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted a business event of great importance for trade between Mexico and Turkey. The ceremony titled “The Turkish and Mexican Caribbean Business Alliance” was organized by Sky Stars Trade and Century 21 Caribbean Paradise, both represented by their CEO, Abdalbasit Abdalla.

At the event, treaties and collaboration agreements were signed between Turkish and Mexican companies. The presence of the Mexican company GobernArte, represented by its CEO Jorge Iván Domínguez, who established important collaboration agreements with the Turkish companies present, stood out.

The Mexican ambassador to Turkey, José Luis Martínez, was also present at the ceremony. In his speech, the ambassador highlighted the importance of the alliance between Mexico and Turkey for strengthening trade between the two nations.

The event was considered a resounding success, and the businessmen present were very enthusiastic about the possibility of increasing their business and strengthening their commercial ties. The ceremony concluded with a toast to the success of the alliance between Mexico and Turkey in the business world.